About Us

Agathas is a family-owned American company based out of California importing genuine semi-precious Agate & Amethyst gemstones and products from South Brazil to be sold and distributed in the North American markets.

Some of the products imported by Agathas are: Amethyst Geodes including Cathedrals and Druses, Agate Lamps, Coffee Tables, Side Tables, Slabs, Agate slices, Gemstone Trees and other products made out of various semi-precious stones like: Citrine, Hematite, Pink Quartz, Sodalite and others.

Our partner in Brazil mines most of the Agate stones used by Agathas off of their own land, and through an Artisan process produces our products in their own facilities. Some products are handmade by a local network of suppliers in Brazil that still operate out of small rudimentary and entrepreneurial facilities. All of these facilities involved in making Agathas products follow strict environmental regulations in order to operate.

Having a partner directly involved in the artisan manufacturing of these products allows Agathas to bring you some of the most unique pieces directly to your home or business, at very competitive prices.

Our goal is to bring the beauty of Brazilian semi-precious stones to America in a variety of products that will enhance home and office decor for decades to come.

The Name: Agathas

The stone was given its name by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher and naturalist, who discovered the stone along the shoreline of the river Achates (Ancient Greek: Ἀχάτης) in Sicily, sometime between the 4th and 3rd centuries B.C. Colorful agates and other chalcedonies were obtained over 3,000 years ago from the Achates River, now called Dirillo.

Brazilian agate is found as sizable geodes of layered nodules. These occur in brownish tones inter-layered with white and gray. Quartz forms within these nodules, creating a striking specimen when cut opposite the layered growth axis. It is often dyed in various colors for ornamental purposes.

Source: Wikipedia

In Portuguese, Agate is called “Agatas”. We attempted to combined the Greek, English and Portuguese versions into a word that rolled off of your tongue very easily:


Pronunciation: AE-guh-thus