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The genuine Agate products you purchase from Agathas have endured millions of years working on its beauty, went through many expert hands and traveled thousands of miles before arriving at your home or place of business. Here at Agathas, "every piece is a gem", and we want you to enjoy their beauty for many years to come.

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It's NOT just a Rock!

Agate stones only reveal their beauty once we cut them open and it's a surprise every time. You can understand better the Artisan process behind each gem here.

Discover the Artisan Process
Natural Agate Lamp, various sizes, with LED lighting

Let there be light!

Our Agate Lamps and panels are designed to give you the WOW factor by pushing LED light through slices of Agate stone. They will certainly be a focal point in your home or office. Each piece is unique and amazing!


Exclusive Agate Tables

Agathas brings you exclusive Agate tables in various sizes to add character to your Decor. Our designer only selects the best Agate slices and uses a resin process to combine them into what will be your unique design. Check our design options today!

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